Build your own playlist from any YouTube page.

Paste the HTML from a YouTube page by using your browser's developer tools:


For some arcane reason, it's completely impossible to watch all the videos on a YouTube channel in chronological order. YouTube already has some basic playlist tools, so it seems like dropping a whole channel into a playlist should be a pretty simple operation. I imagine it would be a pretty popular feature too, but alas that feature doesn't exist yet.

YouTube's playlist features seem pretty lackluster in general.

So why hasn't YouTube made better playlists yet? Who can say for sure, but if you forced me to guess, I'd imagine that users having more control over playlists dosen't increase engagement or advertising statistics (or worse, hurts those statistics), so maybe that's why YouTube hasn't made this particular feature a priority.

Since YouTube seems uninterested in offering this feature directly, we the YouTube community can try to fill in the gaps ourselves. That's the itch that TubeList tries to scratch.

TubeList lets you build playlists from all the videos on a YouTube page, and then manage that playlist yourself, outside of YouTube.


This webpage is a completely standalone client-side javascript application. The javascript code here saves no records, sets no cookies, nor sends any data whatsoever to any servers. You have nothing to worry about. =)

It's kind of crazy this is an exception and not the norm, but that's where we are these days.

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